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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Simple Bliss

Be happy with what you have. You’ve heard it a million times. But if you haven’t applied it to your everyday life, you need to hear it again. It’s simple. Just be happy. Look around at all the beautiful things in your life and smile. Don’t just smile, rejoice!

Do you know how many people woke up yesterday with all sorts of plans for “tomorrow” but didn’t live to see another day? Lots. You woke up today! That’s something that should never be taken for granted.

Take notice today of all the little things you allow to frustrate or annoy you. Think of times when you may get impatient with your child. Now think of those same moments with overwhelming gratitude. If you lost your child before the sun came up tomorrow, what would you give for just one more day? There are many parents who are in that exact situation right at this moment. Parents who had their child yesterday but have lost them today. Be thrilled with your life. Celebrate every single day of your life with your child.

How would you treat your child if this was your last day together? Cherish your relationship with your whole heart every single day! Be conscious to live so that you will have no regrets. Begin today, right now.

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