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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love the Maya Wrap Sling

I call this article the “Top 10” because I’m sure there are more reasons that I’ve left out! This list is specific to the Maya Wrap sling after comparing them with other slings I have tried (and I am in no way affiliated with, a distributor for, or in any other way making money from Maya Wrap sales). Obviously I have not tried every sling on the market, and there may be ones even more wonderful (or more suitable for your individual needs), but after three children, the Maya Wrap has been my personal favorite and this is why…

  1. Hands-free nursing: Seriously. Hands-free. Hands, plural. You can walk around and do laundry or cook or go grocery shopping using both your hands, while at the same time breastfeeding your child. I have been in the grocery store hundreds of times and half the time people don’t even realize I have a baby on me, let alone that the baby is nursing while I’m picking items off the shelves (or have one hand pushing the cart around and the other hand holding my toddler’s hand.) Breastfeeding takes large chunks of time during the day, and normally takes at least one arm! With this sling, you can position your baby and let him nurse while you take care of other things. While this list isn’t in any specific order, this would definitely be my #1 reason for loving the Maya Wrap.
  2. The design supports so many different holds: Virtually any way you can think of to hold your baby, you can do it hands-free with the Maya Wrap! (on your front, back or hip, baby facing out, facing in, laying down, nursing…etc.) It’s so easily and quickly adjustable that you can hold your baby in one arm while changing the position of the sling with your other. You can even carry and tandem nurse twins easily and comfortably wearing two slings!
  3. Multi-use cover: The tail end of the sling is long enough (and light enough) to use as a blanket, sleeping cover or discreet nursing cover. No one will even know you’re nursing! Use it to cover a sleeping baby and keep stranger’s germy hands from poking at your newborn!
  4. Convenient pocket: The roomy Velcro-closing pocket at the end of the tail is a perfect place for storing stuff like keys, a wallet, a diaper, etc. so you don’t need to carry a purse!
  5. It’s pretty! There are many beautifully colored patterns to choose from and I have never tired of looking at mine!
  6. No padding: Having no padding allows for closer proximity between your body and your baby’s. It also allows far greater flexibility in adjustment than padded slings do.
  7. It’s comfortable! The Maya Wrap is lightweight and you don’t feel the weight of your baby on your shoulders or back as you do with some other slings.
  8. Instructional DVD: Included with purchase is a step-by-step instructional video featuring a lady placing a child in the many different holds. This video is an absolute must-have for newbie slingers, and is, in my opinion, a priceless tool that no other slings (that I know of) provide.
  9. Affordable: It’s just $49.95-54.95 (depending on fabric) for a sling (and this includes the instructional DVD!) This is a great price on its own, not even taking into consideration the money you won’t need to spend on secondary baby holders (stroller, bouncy seat, playpen, etc.)
  10. You can make your own! The Maya Wrap website has generously provided instructions on how to make your own sling based on their pattern! It’s so simple and quick and you don’t even need a sewing machine! In addition to the Maya Wrap I own, I have also sewed two by hand (a fleece one for Winter and a Solarveil* one for Summer.)

If you’re in the market for a sling, I obviously highly recommend the Maya Wrap. If you know someone who’s pregnant, I can’t think of a better present, both for the baby and the mother!

*Solarveil is a mesh-like fabric that provides 70-90% UV sunscreen protection. It dries quickly, so it's perfect for the shower, pool or beach.

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